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Comparison Chart of Map Pilot Versions

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IMPORTANT: With the release of the new Map Pilot Pro app we will be beginning to end the life cycle of the rest of the Map Pilot apps. We released Map Pilot in 2015 and as we added features and new variants things started to get very complicated for users.

Due to various technical limitations we will be ending support for all of the previous variants by the end of the year and starting fresh with a unified Map Pilot Pro. Their final updates will be available in the AppStore until the dates listed below. 

All currently downloaded versions of the app will cease to be functional by the end of the year. 

Final Downloads

  • Map Pilot Lite - 3/10/2021
  • Map Pilot - 4/15/2021
  • Map Pilot Business - 5/15/2021

Users that have made app or feature purchases in the last year are eligible for credit towards access to Map Pilot Pro. Read those details here.


Map Pilot was first released in 2015 and has introduced a lot of industry-first new features that are available as an In App Purchase to augment the app's core functionality. In 2017 Map Pilot Business was introduced to provide all-in-one value and a tightly controlled release schedule to provide extra stability for professional users.

In 2019, to reach a larger audience and provide users with the core functionality and stability of Map Pilot we are offering Map Pilot Lite. The Lite version allows users to preview all of the features and use Map Pilot without paying a cent. There is a easy to follow upgrade path that lets you pick and choose desired features that can grow with your hobby or professional operations.

At any point a Map Pilot Lite user can upgrade to Map Pilot and then to Map Pilot Business without losing credit for any feature In App Purchases that might have already been made. There is no need to buy different versions of Map Pilot in the App Store if you have already purchased one or any features within it.

Keep in mind that the starting point is the app that is actually downloaded from the App Store. If you start with Map Pilot Lite and upgrade all of the way up to Map Pilot Business you will get updates when Map Pilot Lite gets updated.

For users of certain hardware built and/or sold by Drones Made Easy (Sony Ag Kits, thermal cameras, Professional Mapping systems) we offer access to our full set of Map Pilot Business features. These users get access to the Business features through the Lite version without charge. Contact us for details. 

Starting in version 4.0.0, all purchases and upgrades between versions can be tracked using our new Upgrade Kiosk that can be accessed in the Settings screen:



Feature Lite Map Pilot Business AG

Base Overlap Range 75-85%

Base Altitude Range 40-70 meters


Standard Overlap Range 50-95%


Standard Altitude Range 10-300 meters

Mission Saving $1.99

Gimbal Angle $1.99

Grid Missions $1.99

Camera Modes $1.99

Connectionless Mode $1.99

Device to Device .MME Mission Sharing $1.99

KML Input $1.99

Terrain Awareness $9.99 $9.99

Linear Flight Planning $19.99 $19.99

Extended Overlap Range 5-95% $4.99 $4.99

Cameraless Takeoff $29.99 $29.99

Movable Home Point $19.99 $19.99

RAW Imaging $4.99 $4.99

Maps Made Easy Login Required


Zenmuse X5 and X5S Support

Controlled Releases for Extra Stability  

3rd Party Sourced Sony MSZ-2100G

User to User .MME Mission Sharing

Zenmuse X7 Support

Others to come...



Map Pilot and Map Pilot Business will be continue to be maintained and released on a schedule similar to what it has historically been. Map Pilot will get the most up to date fixes that apply to its operation and Map Pilot Business will get released once all of the newly added features are as bug-free and stable as they can be.

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  • Avatar
    Dave Pitman

    I've had MP since the beginning and I added Terrain Awareness when it debuted. What is the upgrade path to the Business level at this point? thanks.

  • Avatar

    When 4.0.x comes out for Map Pilot it will have an upgrade path to Map Pilot Business. All of the features in the LITE column of the Upgrade Kiosk will already be marked with green checks and you will get credit for all In App Purchases you have already made.

  • Avatar
    Dave Pitman

    Cool, thanks Zane.

  • Avatar
    James Whitacre

    When is 4.0.x expected to be released?

  • Avatar

    Probably in the next couple weeks.

  • Avatar
    Keith Williams

    Wanted to share that in 4.0.6 the Upgrade Kiosk does not seem to give the option to upgrade to business. This is from the Map Pilot version (not Lite), everything looks identical to the Kiosk posted above, but Upgrade to Map Pilot and Upgrade to Business are not available.

  • Avatar

    Keith: I just tested it from a fresh install and it seems to work fine. The price to update is in the top of the Map Pilot column. When you press it once it shows you what you will get and the button says buy. If you push buy you get the pop up to actually do the purchase.

  • Avatar

    Please email screenshots of your upgrade kiosk screen so we can see what you are seeing.

  • Avatar

    After the recent upgrades there is no option for the drone to rise 80 meters after the last photo and return to the starting point. It was very helpful to me and safe

  • Avatar

    Konstantinos: there have been no updates to how the flight is handled recently. The aircraft will rise to the currently set Return To Home height if you press the RTH button on the remote. Otherwise, if the aircraft has not been recalled due to a battery power, flight timer, or hardware issue, it will continue to fly home along the path at the mission's programmed height.

  • Avatar
    Angel Tony Dl

    No funciona el programa para nada tengo un plantón 4 advance y un iPad mini 4 no me sirve el programa

  • Avatar
    Luis F. Ospina

    I pay for the Map Pilot version (not lite). With regard to payment features such as terrain awareness, the charge is made for each mission created with this functionality or once the payment is made is released the function for any future mission?

  • Avatar
    Dave Pitman

    The feature is then available for all missions going forward so long as the elevation data covers the location.

  • Avatar
    Luis F. Ospina

    Great!, thanks Dave!

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