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Linear Flight Planning

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Map Pilot version 2.4.0 includes the ability to plan linear flights for mapping long thin survey areas of complex shapes. This new capability enables the efficient mapping of roads, rivers, pipelines and utility lines without having to piece together multiple missions.

This feature can be previewed for free but in order to be able to take off or save linear missions the feature must be purchased.

The distance-based Connectionless camera triggering mode used by this feature is only supported by the Phantom 4, Mavic and Phantom 4 Pro.




Linear Mission planning does all of the same mission duration and battery estimates that normal grid mission planning does. Multiple battery missions are denoted by the flight path line color changing from white to grey. Flight times and the number of images are estimated and shown in the Flight Statistics pullout in the top left slide-out panel.


Selectable Number of Passes

By swiping left or right on the top status bar, the number of passes in a linear mission can be reduced or increased. The minimum number of passes is 1 and the maximum number is 15. These passes are laid out according to the overlap settings just as any other mapping mission.

Keep in mind that doing only a few passes will greatly affect the amount of overlap that achieved in the survey area. Use more along track overlap (frontlap) to account of this.


Connectionless Mapping 

Linear flight utilizes Connectionless mode to ensure that images are taken even when the aircraft is far away from the takeoff location. Since the aircraft is not turning around as frequently as it is in a grid mission it will not slow the aircraft down too much and the resultant images will mostly exhibit the same amount of speed-based stretching.


Works with Terrain Awareness

Linear flight planning works with our Terrain Awareness feature exactly as it does with a grid mission. This enables the accurate and efficient mapping of uneven roads, utility line paths and pipelines.




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    Is it possible to set all the passes to a single side of the mission line? I'm thinking of mapping the base of a large cliff (dont drive into the cliff) or the edge of a property where you cannot cross the boundary (angry landowner).

    You can sometimes have trouble trying to achieve this with a grid mission layout particularly when there is a bulge you need to avoid.

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    I need help, I can´t find the option to define the number of passes on the top status bar. Can you support me with this isuue.?

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    "By swiping left or right on the top status bar, the number of passes in a linear mission can be reduced or increased."

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    Trevor McQuillan

    I have tried to use linear planning but the drone takes no photos - area missions done in same spot before and after the linear mission took images normally. Using Phantom 3S, ipad mini 4, all software up to date

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    Plínio Augusto

    Is the distance-based Connectionless camera triggering mode supported by Phantom 4 Advanced?

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    "By swiping left or right on the top status bar, the number of passes in a linear mission can be reduced or increased." - This is terrible from a usability perspective and it also tends to crash the app... Hoping a menu item (+-) feature can be added to replace this very soon.

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