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Linear Flight Planning

Tudor -

Map Pilot version 2.4.0 includes the ability to plan linear flights for mapping long thin survey areas of complex shapes. This new capability enables the efficient mapping of roads, rivers, pipelines and utility lines without having to piece together multiple missions.

This feature can be previewed for free but in order to be able to take off or save linear missions the feature must be purchased.

All Linear mapping is done using the Connectionless mapping mode. The distance-based camera triggering mode used by this feature is only supported by aircraft newer than the Phantom 4. Older aircraft such as the Inspire 1 will use a time-triggered image triggering method which creates less accurate data. 




Linear Mission planning does all of the same mission duration and battery estimates that normal grid mission planning does. Multiple battery missions are denoted by the flight path line color changing from white to grey. Flight times and the number of images are estimated and shown in the Flight Statistics pullout in the top left slide-out panel.


Selectable Number of Passes

By swiping left or right on the top status bar, the number of passes in a linear mission can be reduced or increased. The minimum number of passes is 1 and the maximum number is 15. These passes are laid out according to the overlap settings just as any other mapping mission.



This is the top status bar that should be swiped in to adjust the number of passes. 


Keep in mind that doing only a few passes will greatly affect the amount of overlap that achieved in the survey area. Use more along track overlap (frontlap) to account of this.


Connectionless Mapping 

Linear flight utilizes Connectionless mode to ensure that images are taken even when the aircraft is far away from the takeoff location. Since the aircraft is not turning around as frequently as it is in a grid mission it will not slow the aircraft down too much and the resultant images will mostly exhibit the same amount of speed-based stretching.


Works with Terrain Awareness

Linear flight planning works with our Terrain Awareness feature exactly as it does with a grid mission. This enables the accurate and efficient mapping of uneven roads, utility line paths and pipelines.




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    Is it possible to set all the passes to a single side of the mission line? I'm thinking of mapping the base of a large cliff (dont drive into the cliff) or the edge of a property where you cannot cross the boundary (angry landowner).

    You can sometimes have trouble trying to achieve this with a grid mission layout particularly when there is a bulge you need to avoid.

  • Avatar

    I need help, I can´t find the option to define the number of passes on the top status bar. Can you support me with this isuue.?

  • Avatar

    "By swiping left or right on the top status bar, the number of passes in a linear mission can be reduced or increased."

  • Avatar
    Trevor McQuillan

    I have tried to use linear planning but the drone takes no photos - area missions done in same spot before and after the linear mission took images normally. Using Phantom 3S, ipad mini 4, all software up to date

  • Avatar
    Plínio Augusto

    Is the distance-based Connectionless camera triggering mode supported by Phantom 4 Advanced?

  • Avatar

    "By swiping left or right on the top status bar, the number of passes in a linear mission can be reduced or increased." - This is terrible from a usability perspective and it also tends to crash the app... Hoping a menu item (+-) feature can be added to replace this very soon.

  • Avatar
    Daniel Alejandro Navarro Jara

    Dear I have the updated map pilot application I want to do linear missions, but I can not change the number of steps moving left right bar could you explain how it is applied ???. in a video?
    I'm working on an iphone with your application. Thank you very much

  • Avatar
    Matthew Lanzer

    So will this feature work with the m600 pro?

  • Avatar
    Ovidiu Sopa

    I just purchased the linear mission hopping to solve some issues I noticed (the aircraft stopped taking photos and returned to home at 53% battery .. it was quite far, but if it would continue the mapping path, it was quite close to home location, because it stopped taking photos, I manually fly it back and I landed at 42%, and the next battery dropped from 100% to ~81% only because it had to fly almost 2km away, to the point where the last image was taken .. will talk more about it in another thread)

    How can I change the start point of a linear mission ?

  • Avatar
    Peter O'Regan

    Like several people above, I have purchased the Linear Planning module, and cannot get the number of passes to increase on either my iPhone 6S Plus or iPad Mini4. I select Linear, and swipe on every single toolbar and part of the screen (top panel, side panels, map). Nothing changes. What am I doing wrong???? I have several road corridor mapping projects coming up very soon and would like to utilise this tool.

  • Avatar

    Are there any answers to the above?

  • Avatar

    Has anyone received an answer on the linear flight plans not taking any pictures at all, or even just stopping part way through a mission? I performed a 500m pipeline survey this morning went to do second flight and absolutely cannot get this to work.... Would be really nice if I could run an active connection? At this point I've wasted over half of a day and whatever the price of this app was. I'm using an inspire 1 with an x3

  • Avatar

    Questions don't get answered in these articles since they don't show up in the forums and are not a question and response kind of setup. If you have a question about a feature please ask it in the forums and not in the article about it. The comments section would get totally out of control if we did everything in the articles.

    If your camera is not taking pictures in the Connectionless mode it is likely that you have the SD card write speed set too fast in your settings. Slowing it down will slow the aircraft down and take the data at the correct speed such that your SD card can keep up with it. Since the imaging is 100% on the aircraft side in the linear missions if you have that set wrong it won't take pictures at all.

  • Avatar
    Juan Carlos Gomez Rojas

    I want to travel a route, I want to do only three lines, one on the right side, another on the center line and the last line on the left coast ... but the application aitomatically marks five flight lines, I only want three lines. .. Where do I modify the five lines and change them by three lines? as shown in the images on the website ...

  • Avatar
    Darwing Ronald Gallegos Diaz

    Como se cambia el numero de lineas de vuelo, me salen 5 y quiero que sean solo 3?????????

  • Avatar
    Uav Tablet id

    I defined a linear project with 3 flight line in active connection mode. But the mappilot skipped the taking image in line 1 and it start taking image at line 2 and 3(Taken and calculated image 65). and I try misson again in connectionless mode and I dont have any problem(Taken and calculated image 132 ).

  • Avatar
    Rinex co

    in linear mode how can i understand width and length of corridor of project ?
    when :
    1 line w*L 2504*1436
    2lines w*L 67*1488
    3lines w*L 2514*1428
    4 lines w*L 201*1539

    tell me about these numbers .

  • Avatar

    Length in Latitude and width in Longitude. It is an X Y measurement. This is consistent with the normal polygonal layouts.

  • Avatar
    Jarvis the Drone

    How to upgrade to be able to do linear planning. I have Map Pilot for DJI - Business

  • Avatar
    Luis M. Narváez

    How can I delete a waypoint?

  • Avatar

    Tap it.

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