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Gimbal Angle Setting - 3D Capture Mode

Tudor -

Maps Made Easy recommends using Nadir images for all map data collection. It is our view that tipping the gimbal up does more harm than good but due to overwhelming request we have added features to aid in 3D capture capability. 


Gimbal Angle Setting

The Gimbal Angle can be set within the Camera tab in the Options Menu. The range is 5-30 degrees in 5 degree increments. 



Grid Flight

A criss crossed grid pattern can be selected by cycling through the Mission Type button, which in the image above it says "Norm Mission". One tap will bring up "Grid Mission".


NOTE: Grid Flight is only intended for use over small areas when trying to reconstruct a small scene with the Full 3D setting. If the scene gets too large it can space the image collection time out too much and cause lighting discrepancies. 


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    Great addition for 3D capturing.
    Will we see orbit mode would be a great addition to this.

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    Capture of building facades seems only possible with an angled camera. Pix4D clearly states this and even the use of a camera at 90o to a cliff or building face. Why do you at MME feel this does more harm than good? You must have a good reason for that I'm sure!!??

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    If you can do the perpendicular images without getting the horizon in them it is fine. But that rarely happens in any sort of automated flight. It is my opinion that you can't get good 3D modeling data with fully automated flight. You need to understand overlap and be able to execute it manually.

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    Jerry Jackson

    Perhaps we have a misunderstanding, we expected to be able to set the 5 to 30 degree gimbal angle using the NADIR drop-down menu, and then expected the camera to tilt to the degree we set after uploading the mission the the Phantom 4 Pro. This does not happen. Once in flight we can only make NADIR adjustment using the Controller wheel, or C1 or C2 switch. So, it appears the Map Pilot Nadir setting is perhaps a limit switch, not a gimbal movement switch. What is it exactly? Thanks

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    i cant fly my dji mavic pro 2 with map pilot pro ? please i need a feedback

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