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NOTE: The Home Point is updated as the pilot moves but it is VERY important to maintain SOLID radio contact with the aircraft in order to make sure the updates are occurring. If the remote does not have a built-in GPS receiver Map Pilot Pro will use the mobile device's position on iOS devices only. Please make sure that Location Services are enabled and that the blue dot for the user's location is accurate before taking off. To use this feature with Android a GPS equipped remote is required. 

In the Settings menu you can enable the ability to for the pilot to move while the aircraft is in flight.


A yellow dot that marks the takeoff location as usual. As the pilot moves and the blue dot tracks them a yellow X will show the most recent update location. If the X is not moving that means the position update is not happening and the aircraft will return to the X's most recent location.

There is a warning that comes up at takeoff to remind the pilot that the feature is active. 


In this example you can see the normal blue GPS location dot moving to a new location during the early part of the flight. When the Return To Home button is pushed the aircraft returns to the pilot's location instead of the takeoff point. The second flight is initiated from the new home point and then the pilot moves back to the original takeoff location which is where the aircraft returns to when the mapping is complete. No additional inputs are required. 


Here is a super long linear pipeline sample that shows the trace in our Flight Sync system on Maps Made Easy. The single pass is 4.3 miles long and shows the yellow line for where the home point was updated to as the follow car tracked the aircraft. When the battery runs out or RTH is triggered by the app or remote the aircraft comes and lands at the updated home point on the road.



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