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Software distribution for Android devices is a lot different than it is for Apple devices, so bear with us. There are two different ways the Android version of Map Pilot Pro will be delivered: via APK file or using the Google Play Store for normal Android devices (personal mobile device users). The instructions for both are below.


For Enterprise and Mini 3 installation instructions please skip to the 'Enterprise and Mini 3 APK Installation' section section below. The Google Play and 'b' version of the APK will not work.


Device Requirements: We recommend Android devices have at least 6 GB of RAM for optimum Map Pilot Pro operation but 4 GB of RAM should be considered the bare minimum. Map Pilot Pro is only available in the Google Play for devices that are manufactured with at least 4 GB of RAM. If you have less than 4 GB of RAM you can download the APK and try it out but it will not likely be as stable as if you had the recommended system specifications. 

There are Android devices out there that are not compatible with DJI software (neither by DJI or us). If you are buying a new device it would be a great idea to pick it from DJI's support device list and make sure it meets the above criteria as well: 

DJI Supported Mobile Devices


Installing Map Pilot Pro from the Google Play Store



Installing Map Pilot Pro with APK (Enterprise and Mini 3 instructions below)

Download and install the APK by clicking the link below from the web browser on the Remote Controller or by downloading the APK onto an SD card that can be inserted into the Remote Controller.


Download the current APK for normal Android devices here: Download 2.0.1b


Supported DJI Android Remotes

  • DJI RC Pro* (for the Air 2S)
  • DJI CrystalSky (ZS600B)

* Closing DJI Pilot or DJI Fly by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (in the system app switcher) is not enough. Tap Settings > Apps & notifications > DJI Pilot/Fly > Force Stop to fully close the DJI app before using Map Pilot Pro. To prevent the DJI app from launching on startup, tap Settings > Apps & notifications > Auto start application selection > None (or Map Pilot Pro).

IMPORTANT: You must allow all of the permissions that the app asks for, otherwise the app will not function. (See the bottom of this page for the list of required permissions.)



Enterprise and Mini 3 APK Installation

With DJI's release of their new SDK that only supports their latest Enterprise devices there is a different APK required.


Download the current APK for Mini 3 Series and newer DJI Enterprise Remotes here: Download 2.0.1e

Full instructions on how to do this on a DJI remote can be found here:

Supported DJI Enterprise Remotes

  • DJI RC Pro Enterprise (currently only M3M, M3E, and M3T)
  • DJI RC Pro* (M30, M30T, and Mini 3 Pro)
  • DJI RC Plus (M300/M350)

Supported DJI Remotes

  • DJI N1 (to support the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro)

Required Firmware versions

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 6.45.56 PM.png


For more information about using Map Pilot Pro with the Mini 3 series read this:


CrystalSky Installation Instructions

1. Go to Home Screen on the Crystal Sky.


2. Ensure you have internet connection. (Required when map pilot is first booted up).

3. Go into the Explore page.


4. Find where the APK file is. For this example, it is on an SD Card in "SD Card1".



5. Select the APK File
6. Select Next and then Install.


7. The app will install.


8. Select open.



9. The app should be running.

10. Hit 'New Mission'.


Off you go!


EXTRA: If you see a white background with a message regarding "Google Play Services not installed", go into settings on Map Pilot Pro, and turn OFF "User Google Maps".





The DJI SDK requires access to these permissions to function:


We have no control over this behavior as it is required by the DJI SDK documentation.


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  • Avatar
    Central Coast Aerial Mapping Inc.

    Hi Zane, Do you have a list of changes, bug fixes, additions for this(Download 1.2.6b) release?

  • Avatar
  • Avatar
    Alex Zoom

    Any hope of installing Map Pilot Pro on the DJI Smart Controller RM500 to control the Air 2S?

    Sorry for my English. Thank you.

    Edited by Alex Zoom
  • Avatar
    Central Coast Aerial Mapping Inc.

    Hi Zane. With the latest APK using the Mavic 3 Enterprise, do I need to setup the camera parameters in the DJI pilot app before loading Map Pilot or is Map Pilot do this automatically? Also, how is the Dewarping option for the Mavic 3 Enterprise handled in Map Pilot? Do you recommend having Dewarping turned on or off?

  • Avatar

    How is the best way to keep up to date with these revisions? We have the M3E and have been downloading the APK directly from the website since it doesn't appear that this version is on the amazon. Is checking the website from time to time the best option here?
    And BTW.. Thank you for making this available so quickly.. it's a lifesaver!! :)

  • Avatar

    We are not supporting Amazon App Store anymore. It takes two weeks to get something released which is way too slow for the pace of our development.

    Starting with version 1.2.9 there should be an alert that comes up to tell you when a new version is available.

  • Avatar
    Jacopo Grossi

    Hi, can I install Map Pilot Pro on the DJI Smart Controller? (the one for DJI mavic 2 pro)

  • Avatar
    Joshua Soule

    When will we get support for Mavic 3T? Just purchased one and looking to create thermal maps (and even thermal obliques / models). Looking forward to 3T support on the DJI RC Pro Enterprise controller... thanks!

  • Avatar
    Ruan Vdriet

    Hi. I was trying to download the latest version 1.7.3e and noticed that the download links for both the "b" and "e" versions aren't working. Please help?
    Thanks in advance, and thank you for continuing to support the mini 3 series!

  • Avatar

    Bah. Fixed. My bad.

  • Avatar
    Armond M

    i just purchased a Samsung Tab S6 Lite running Android 14 and with 4GB of ram to be used with a DJI Mini 3 Pro.

    If I understand correctly, I should just download your app via the Google Store? Thank you.

    UPDATE...well that was disappointing.  I can't install MPP onto my tablet at all.  I don't quite understand why as I use the DJI Fly app just fine on it.

    Edited by Armond M
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