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Better Late Than Never


We have gotten A TON of questions about using the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro aircraft with Map Pilot Pro so we figured we would try to capture all of it here. It has been hard supporting all of the issues the Mini 3 Pro users have been having because of the way DJI released support for this aircraft. 

We have gotten a lot of bad reviews in the Play Store because of these issues (which we hate). We may have to discontinue support for the Mini 3 series altogether if that continues. Please consider leaving a good review in the Play Store if you appreciate having Mini 3 support to offset the people that blame us for trying to offer support for who we can. 



Current Mini 3 series support

  • DJI RC Pro remote 
  • DJI N1 remote

If you don't care about the what and why the support for the Mini 3 series is strange/limited you can just get the APK at the following link. Be sure to download the 'e' variant of the APK file. The 'b' variant will not connect.


Required Firmware Versions

See the list in the Installations article linked above to ensure you have the correct firmware versions for the aircraft and the remote. 



Reason for being on the Enterprise SDK version

Initially DJI said they were not going to add support for these aircraft. Starting in 2022 DJI committed to only adding support for Enterprise aircraft moving forward. This apparently caught a lot of users by surprise. In response to very public pressure DJI added limited support (Virtual Stick only) for the new Mini 3 series. 

Since they have essentially moved on from the previous version of their SDK (software used to talk to the aircraft) this Mini 3 series support was added to their new version 5 of the SDK which was previously only for Enterprise aircraft. This new SDK cannot be released in the same variant of the app that we release in the Google Play Store so it is listed on our support site as an APK file. That is the only way to install the Enterprise version of Map Pilot Pro. 


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    Tomislav Filipcic

    Hi, tested with mini 3 pro and Samsung tab s7 fe android 13 One UI 5.1, 5 flights everything works great and stable (just imagine benefits with such large screen in workflow). :-)

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    @Tomislav. Thanks for the interesting comment. When processing your data into maps. Do you use the Classic Workflow or the DJI Specific Workflow ?
    Also, how do you take the reference image at ground level with he tablet interface ?

    Edited by Antoine
  • Avatar
    Tomislav Filipcic

    I use DJi Specific Workflow and it gives me good resolts for my needs (I use only orthographic images), . Reference image is taken on takeoff by drone.

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    Thanks, Interesting, I'm Using DJI RC Pro controller with Mnin3Pro Drone and latest version of MapPilotPro.

    Capturing Nadir images works fine when processing Classic workflows using Safari.

    However, I really just need Flat maps, but I cannot get the DJI specific workflow or the Flat Map workflow to work at all on the latest version of Google Chrome Version 115.0.5790.170 (Official Build) (arm64) or even on the latest version of Safari Version 16.4 (18615.

    Maps Made Easy File upload interface doesn't show in Chrome.
    In Safari I keep getting Failed on upload.

    What browser / version are you using ?

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    Tomislav Filipcic

    HI, I think there is no problem in Maps made easy workflow, maybe you had update to OS. You can try to use chrome or safari in incognito mode. I have newest chrome on the pc and tablet, and even uploaded photos to a webpage from the tablet and everything works great. By default you have 5* degree tilt in Map pilot pro.

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    Tomislav: Thanks for jumping in here. It sounds like Antoine's problem is not Map Pilot Pro or Mini 3 related and he should probably write us at for specific Maps Made Easy support.

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    Thanks Zane, Thanks Tomislav.
    Zane, I've sent an email to
    I'm on the job site right now and really need a flat map asap. Look forward to hearing from you via email.

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