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Export Mission Plan as KMZ for use with DJI Fly

Tudor -

Coming Soon in version 2.1.0 for Android and version 5.10.0 for iOS. 


Since we first released Map Pilot in 2015 we have made every attempt to support all DJI aircraft with applicable cameras. To do this, we had to wait until DJI released Mobile SDK support for each aircraft so we could talk to it.

Up until a few years ago (2021) iOS and Android were supported by the SDK to provide 3rd party app support to users. DJI stopped adding iOS SDK support to for new aircraft after the release of the Mini 2 Series, Air 2 Series and Mavic 2 Series. A couple of years later after the release of the Mini 3 series, much to the disappointment of everyone, they ceased to offer SDK support for anything other than their Enterprise line of aircraft. 

This means that for all aircraft released after the Mavic 2 Series, Mini 3 Series and Air 2 Series that are not Enterprise aircraft are not able to use 3rd party apps for flight control. Due to an overwhelming number of requests to do something to support these aircraft we have found a way to try to help bridge the gap for users of the following aircraft:

  • Mavic 3
  • Mavic 3 Pro
  • Mavic 3 Classic
  • Air 3
  • Mini 4 Pro

The process for supporting these aircraft is not as smooth as we would like it to be but it is what it is unless DJI releases SDK support for some or all of these aircraft in the future


Prototype Demonstration


The current workflow is to select one of these 'Export Only' aircraft in the Map Pilot Pro Settings and design your flight as you normally would for any fully supported aircraft. The difference comes when you go to upload the waypoints to the aircraft. Instead of actually talking to the aircraft directly Map Pilot Pro will export a KMZ file of the waypoints and actions that are capable of being run using the DJI Fly app. Details, screenshots and video will be released at the time of the new versions releases.  

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    Joey Zint

    The video does not provide enough information. I am not seeing an option to export and a setting to stop the software from looking for a drone and ability to set the Export Only option.

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    See the top: "Coming Soon in version 2.1.0 for Android and version 5.10.0 for iOS. "

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