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Tag Pilot is easy to start using. Take off and start tagging! 

Before Taking Off: Follow the Initial Setup instructions to get access to the Maps Made Easy terrain data. 

There are a lot of subtle features in Tag Pilot. Learning its full capabilities may take some time but the following is a list of some easy features to exercise and get used to Tag Pilot's use.

First Flight Activities:

  • Place some tags on the map.
  • Experiment with Fullscreen Mode and Video Feed sizing.
  • Experiment with the Image Footprint and Crosshairs.
  • Create some tags from the video feed.
  • Take some pictures or video.
  • Review your pictures/video.
  • Experiment with the Orbit Automated Flight Mode.
  • Save the KML.

Takeoff and Landing are fully manual. The pilot needs to remain in full control of the aircraft at all times and is in charge of flying safely.  


Placing User Tags

User Tags are colorful location markers that can be placed anywhere on the map by pressing and holding a location. Tags can be repositioned by pressing a tag until it raises up and can be moved. 

User Tags can be managed with or without being connected to an aircraft. User Tags can also be created using Google Earth and imported into Tag Pilot via Email or AirDrop.


The color, title and description of the user tag can be edited by pressing and holding the tags entry in the Marker Manager (bottom half of left side menu). Click "Done" when editing is finished.


Fullscreen Mode and Video Feed Sizing

In order to better utilize the area available on small screens the Menu Slider button can be pressed to hide or show the left side menu.

The camera's video feed can be sized to small, medium or large by swiping left or up on it to make it bigger or right or down on it to make it smaller.


Footprint and Crosshairs

The Image Footprint is a green box that represents the area that is currently seen in the video feed. The crosshairs in the Image Footprint corresponds to the same spot that is designated by the crosshairs in the video preview. The coordinates of the crosshairs are displayed at the top of the camera's video feed. 

The crosshairs on the map are 5m x 5m. The crosshairs in the video feed in not scaled.

If the Image Footprint is not being displayed it is likely that the gimbal is not pointed downward enough or that the aircraft is too low.

When the Image Footprint is being displayed and it intersects with a User Tag the tag(s) will be displayed at their corresponding locations in the video feed. The following picture shows the purple User Tag on the Map and in the video feed.


Create User Tags from the Video Feed

Just as with creating a User Tag by pressing and holding on the map, you can create a User Tag by pressing and holding on a location in the camera's video feed. 

Markers cannot be moved within the video feed as they can in the map.

The Image Footprint must be showing to be able to create User Tags from the video feed.


Take Pictures or Video

Use the remote control's shutter and record buttons to take pictures or record video.

More Detailed Article on taking Photos and Video


Review Pictures or Video

Preview, download and delete images just like in DJI Go.


Experiment with Orbit Flight Mode

Orbit flights are easy to execute and will occur around the area designated by the crosshairs as the center point.

When the Flight Control button is enabled (above 5m) press the Orbit button. This will bring up the options to fly clockwise or counter clockwise. Make your selection, agree to the prompt and off you go.

Note: The area in the crosshairs will stay at the center of the orbit unless manual controls are used to adjust it. The orbit will continue on the prescribed route until cancelled or the flight mode is switched out of F (P on Phantom 4).


Save the KML

Now that you have made some tags, done some interesting flying and taken some pictures you can press the Save button (image of a floppy disk) to write your data to a KML file that can be shared or used to plan further flights.





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    Timothy King

    Is Tag Pilot compatible with the Mavic 2 series?

  • Avatar
    Timothy King

    Sorry...should have checked the compatibility list before commenting! Looks like an amazing app! Until it is available for the Mavic 2 Pro I will have to use my P4.

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    We have a new version of it coming out pretty soon that will support it.

  • Avatar
    Luis Martinez

    Is there a video tutorial?

  • Avatar
    Jed Chin

    Is Tag Pilot compatible with DJI Air 2s?

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