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business app questions


My company is looking for a new flight app, in my department we specialize in precision agriculture; we use DJI drones such as Mavic 2 pro and Matrice 600 pro.
We are interested in your app and we have a few questions:


  • What are the cameraless interface features? What are the parameters we need to fill? Will the image footprint be seen on the map with the new camera? For example Flir A655sc.
  • Overlap – what is the maximum overlap? Is it only by % of is it possible to determine the distance between passes in meters or feet?
  • Is it possible to upload an ortho-mosaic to the app and see the planned flight on it?
  • Is it possible to create a flight plan in GIS and upload it to the app?

    Example for questions 2,3,4 – we have an orchard and we want the drone to fly exactly above the trees and with a precise distance between rows.

  • Is there a limit to the size of the polygon? Will the app be able to upload 850X1500 meters polygon to the drone?
  • Is the payment for Map-pilot Business is onetime or is it monthly? Do we get all the features described on your website? Do we have the ability to request a new feature?
  • Can we use the app on multiple devices?



Elad Ben-Yeffet

Official comment


Cameraless takeoff includes no triggering of any sort. You are on your own for entering your own camera/lens parameters in the "Custom Camera" entry in the Settings. 

Overlap is our only setting since Map Pilot is made for mapping. You should be able to figure out the distance between images by using the altitude, focal length, sensor parameters and overlap setting. 

You can use any 3rd party data source using ArcGIS or Mapbox as a source:

Yes, you can import GeoJSON and KML data into Map Pilot:

There are no size limits for KML/GeoJSON features.

Map Pilot Business is an app you purchase from the App Store. It does not have any recurring fees associated with it.

Since it is purchased on the App Store it can be used on any device that is logged in with the purchasing Apple ID. Devices logged in with different Apple IDs will need to purchase the app separately. 

You can request custom features and they will be evaluated as to whether or not they are useful to the general Map Pilot user base or not. If it is not directly applicable to lots of users you can pay for the engineering time required the feature to the app. Email to discuss specific features in more detail.

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