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Using Flight Sync to push Boundaries to Map Pilot

This discussion was started at How to Create Boundaries.  I've moved it here because the issue remains unresolved.


I've created my Boundary Group and 2 Boundaries, how do I sync (or push) the Boundary Group to the File Manager in Map Pilot? I'm referencing Zane's response to this post:

I'm logged in to MME within Map Pilot, Flight Sync is enabled, I'm connected to the Internet and have launched the flight layout screen.

For troubleshooting I've logged out of MME in MP, logged back in, restarted the app.


1st response from Zane:

  • You need to open the File Manager screen and hit the blue Sync button in the upper right corner. Also, make sure that Boundary Sync is enabled in the Settings.


I don't have a blue Sync button in the File Manager screen.  I also do not have a "Boundary Sync" option in the settings menu.


Map Pilot 4.0.8, build 100120193


Russell Patten

Official comment


The Mission Plan and Boundary part of Flight Sync was not introduce in Map Pilot until version 4.1.0 which Map Pilot Business has not been updated to yet.

This Map Pilot Business update has taken a long time due to the iOS 13 update combined with all this sync stuff. There have been lots of fixes. 4.1.5 has been submitted which we hope will iron it all out.

In a pinch you could download the LITE version, pull your boundaries in and save your mission plans before sending them via .mme file to the older version. 

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