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followup on editing an existing/save & flown mission

See that this has been asked before, but with no real answer if it is possible. 

My interest is to re-fly the same mission at various flight elevations (AGL) so it would be great if I could define a mission, save and fly it, THEN go back into the mission, modify the flight level (I realize this will change the spacing and number of flight lines) and save this modification as a new mission, upload it and fly it. Perhaps a "save as" dialog box is needed to avoid overwriting the original mission. 

Currently it seems the only way to accomplish this is to essentially create a new mission that roughly matches the layout of an existing mission for each new flight level.

If it is possible to modify an existing mission as outlined and save it without overwriting the original mission I'd appreciate you outlining the steps for me.




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There are a few ways you could do this. You could create a Boundary in Maps Made Easy, sync it to Map Pilot and use that to make lots of different flights which you save individually. 

Or open your saved mission, hit the unlock button on the flight planning stats pullout tab, modify the plan as you wish and then save it again. 

The first method is new. The second method has been possible for years. 

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