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Air 2S won’t connect to Map Pilot Pro when connected with either the DJI RC or the DJI Smart Controller.

I have been unsuccessful attempting to connect my DJI Air 2S to Map Pilot Pro iOS version (the android version doesn’t seem to be compatible with Samsung Galaxy tablets). I tried using both the DJI RC and the DJI Smart Controller, and although they successfully connect to the drone, Map Pilot Pro doesn’t recognize the aircraft from the Mission Plans page. Here’s the info I have: DJI Air 2S - App version 1.13.1, Aircraft firmware: 02.04.2700 (up to date), DJI RC firmware: 01.03.1400, DJI Smart Controller: V01.01.0064 I see in other posts you mention connecting to the “DJI app”. Is this a specific app (DJI has so many) or just in general to make sure that your aircraft connects to the remote? Thanks for any help you can provide, I just bought an iPad, and lost a day of my life.

David Meeker

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We are sorry to hear you are having issues. The Mission Plans page is for managing saved missions. 

The DJI RC remote does not support 3rd party apps. 

The DJI Smart Controller may not be supported depending on the model. 

Make sure you hardware is listed here:

You may not be able to install Map Pilot Pro from the Google Play store but it may work with the APK installation that is available here:


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