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What is Flight Sync?

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With the release of Map Pilot version 4.0 the Flight Sync feature was introduced which allows Map Pilot to synchronize various forms of flight management data between Map Pilot and Maps Made Easy for storage and analysis.

To use the Flight Sync feature you must be logged into your Maps Made Easy account from Map Pilot. This can be done from the 'Maps Made Easy' section of the Map Pilot settings. From there, you can enable or disable the transmission of flight data using the 'Flight Sync' switch.

If the 'Flight Sync' switch is enabled in Map Pilot, flight data will be uploaded upon landing or the next time the layout screen is launched while there is an internet connection. This will allow you to be able to view your Mission and Flight data in Maps Made Easy at the following URLs:


You can read about how to use the Mission Detail and Flight Detail screens here:



Flight Sync Definitions

  • Mission Plan (syncs in 4.1 and higher) - A set of waypoints that will be flown to cover an area inside a defined boundary using specified camera, overlap, and aircraft parameters. 
  • Mission - An execution of a Mission Plan, that may take one or more flights, to cover the defined survey area to collect data. Waypoints, takeoff location and abandonment point data is all uploaded to Maps Made Easy for storage and display. 
  • Flight - One instance of an aircraft flying as logged from the time of Takeoff to Landing. The CSV file is uploaded to Maps Made Easy for storage and analysis to aid in the display of photograph locations, imaging errors, and other telemetry data. 
  • Boundary Group (syncs in 4.1 and higher) - A organizational grouping of survey areas in a loosely defined location. The name of a synced Boundary Group will show up in the 'Boundaries' section of the 'File Manager' screen in Map Pilot.
  • Boundary (syncs in 4.1 and higher) -  A polygonal set of points that define a survey area to be mapped. The Boundaries associated with a given Boundary Group will be shown when the Boundary Group's name is selected in the 'File Manager' screen in Map Pilot. The Boundary is used in the creation of a Mission Plan when desktop-based planning is desired instead of using Map Pilot to define the survey area. 



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    Has this changed since an upgrade to MapPilot 4.1 or higher. After each flight the Map Pilot app is automatically closing. No kml file is created or saved. Only the .csv files.

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