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How to use Flight Details

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Using the Flight Sync feature, you can review very detailed flight logs as created by Map Pilot within Maps Made Easy's new Map Pilot pulldown menu. 

The yellow dot denotes the takeoff location (as in Map Pilot). The white dots on the planned path are clickable and show the ATL (Above Takeoff Level) altitude of the waypoint for this Terrain Aware flight. The green dot is the starting waypoint for the area to be covered. The red dot is the ending waypoint. The blue dot(s) denote Abandonment Points where the aircraft left the planned path to return to home. The grey dots are clickable and show you the name of the file that was taken at that spot. 


The Flight Detail has some information that the Mission Detail pages won't have. The red, yellow and black line segments are clickable and are there to show  areas where the RC connection strength dropped below certain values. The red segments are areas where the signal dropped below 85%. This is the level at which Active Connection image triggering will be affected and other information may not be arriving in a timely manner. The yellow segments are areas where it dropped below 93% and correspond with areas where connectivity starts to falter. Black segments denote total dropouts of the telemetry data. 

The blue trace itself is clickable to see the speed and pitch of the aircraft at specific locations during the flight. The line is slightly simplified so in long straight stretches it won't be extremely accurate. 


Lots of other data is available regarding each individual flights details. 


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    Veha La

    I got error Exited Programme Flights in both my Phantom 4 Pro V1 and V2. What could be wrong.

    Error screenshot:

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