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Creating Flight Planning guide lines and markers using Google Earth

Tudor -

You can add annotations to guide your Flight Planning in poor basemap coverage areas using free tools like Google Earth and Mapbox to compliment the capabilities of Map Pilot as seen in the MapBox settings page:

Mapbox will accept KML, GPX, geojson and CSV files as inputs to the Mapbox Editor Data sources.

The following are instructions on how to make a KML using Google Earth:

  1. Choose the pushpin tool to draw a marker.
  2. Place the marker. The pointy part of of the pin is where the point is defined. 
  3. Name the marker appropriately. This is not required.
  4. Choose the path tool from the tool bar to draw a line.
  5. Click and move to draw the line in the desired location.    
  6. Name it appropriately if desired. This is not required.
  7. Choose the polygon tool from the tool bar to draw a shape.
  8. Click to draw the points of the polygon appropriately.
  9. Name the Polygon if desired. This is not required.  
  10. View your list of markers in the "Places" panel.       
  11. Choose "Save Place As..." to save the results.         
  12. Choose "KML" as the file type and give it a title. Click Save.


Once you have this tester.kml file, you can continue to the following link for instructions on how to email it to your device or upload to Mapbox:  

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