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Connection Troubleshooting

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Chasing a Moving Target

DJI does a great job of adding new features and addressing issues as they arise while adding support for new hardware. The problem with that is for developers writing an app that supports various devices and versions of firmware, it can be a bit of a moving target.

It can take a while for the aircraft to connect so give it a couple minutes. If it takes longer than that there is likely a problem. The top status bar in Map Pilot will say "Connected" when the app has connected to the remote and recognized that there is an aircraft present. Users are presented with a popup when the connection occurs. Getting the red triangle that denotes the aircraft location depends on the aircraft's ability to get a GPS lock. If the aircraft is inside this my not be possible so keep an eye on the number of connected satellites. 

Connection Issues

First off, make sure that you have properly set up your aircraft using our guide and that your drone is on our supported hardware list. If there are issues here, nothing else is going to help.

These problems are frequently caused by the PAF (PSA on Phantom 4) switch not being in the F (P for Phantom 4) position when the app is launched. It is also likely that the DJI Go app is running in the background and attempting to connect as well. Be sure to fully close the DJI Go app by double clicking the home button to bring up the currently open apps and swipe up on the DJI Go app.

Sometimes the DJI Go app will have a pretty good hold on the connection so unplugging the cable and closing both apps will sometimes be required. Restarting the iOS device can often help as well.

The case with the camera not taking images is an especially troubling one since you can waste a whole lot of battery without noticing that anything is wrong. Make sure that the camera preview window is blinking as it takes the still images and that the grey circles are being dropped along the flight path as the aircraft executes the mission. When the non-imaging condition occurs, we have found that an aircraft and remote power cycle is needed to recover.


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  • Avatar

    This upgrade bricked my remote control... thankfully, Drones Made Easy replaced it. But I worry about future upgrades - it seems prudent to wait a long time before installing them.

  • Avatar
    Luis Martinez
    tom,could you provide a few more details? Which version?
  • Avatar
    Veha La

    v. 1.4 made the app freeze very often. Could not get a project done yet.

  • Avatar
    Veha La

    I had a project that requires 6 batteries. I flew the Phantom 3 Pro at around 115 m height to achieve 5cm GSD. "Missions persist through app restarts and disconnections" worked fine until the third battery (with around 600 images captures). After that, the app started to freeze whenever I flew the drone. Note that I tried the same project twice and encountered the same problem. The only option left for me was to divide the study area into two different projects and everything worked fine.

  • Avatar
    Will Wishart

    I'm having no luck with the current version. Not sure what I am doing wrong, I have a mission planned, I have the P3 in hover, i have DJI Go closed, I have Map Pilot opened, the P3 connected but i have the P3 at 0m distance (its actually about 15 metres away and bearing 360 degrees) and I simply cannot upload the mission (it's greyed out). Any ideas???

  • Avatar
    Last Frontier Aerial, LLC

    "Not connected" with MAVIC 2 PRO.

    Followed directions to properly set up aircraft and repeated same. Powered off tablet, powered on again, retried, still not connected.

    MapPilot app presented message "Aircraft Detected: Mavic Pro." This is incorrect b/c the drone was a Mavic 2 Pro, not a Mavic Pro.

    Tried again with Phantom 4 Pro, MapPilot connected no problem.

  • Avatar
    Angel Tony Dl

    Mo tengo problemas com.el.pjanton 4 advance pero.los tenia me.di.cuenta q.tiene.q estar comectado a internet d alta velosidad buen programa

  • Avatar
    Veha La

    I got error Exited Programme Flights in both my Phantom 4 Pro V1 and V2. What could be wrong.

    Error screenshot:

  • Avatar
    Julia Nave

    I had an issue with the Map Pilot App quitting and later realized that it never took any photos (likely because the app quit immediately after take-off). Is this post suggesting the DJI app should be off during flight? So you log-in to it and check that all systems are go and then quit out of DJI GO before launching map pilot? Any advice helpful!

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