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Quick Start - A Start to Finish Guide

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There are two main parts to successful data collection for drone mapping: Planning and Flight. For this Quick Start guide we will do a very minimal walkthrough to show the process from start to finish.

The walkthrough assumes that you already have the device connected to the remote and everything powered up. Open the DJI Go app just to make sure that everything is in working order. Close it before opening Map Pilot.

If you are are not connected to the aircraft, you can simulate the current location of the aircraft by double tapping on the map to draw a purple dot that denotes the anticipated takeoff location. 

Note: Make sure you aircraft is set up properly for working with 3rd party apps by making sure it is set up properly and has the proper firmware.




NOTE: All of these planning steps can be done without the need for a connection to the aircraft (red triangle). Double Tap on the map to designate where the takeoff will occur. This will draw a purple dot

If you are connected to the aircraft make sure that it has a clear view of the sky. The red triangle and Flight Control panel will not show until there is a solid GPS fix and a valid flight plan

  1. Identify the Survey Area. Make sure the terrain of the area is known and all tall features or structures are taken into consideration.
  2. Open the Flight Plan Stats pullout menu to see the metrics for the flight.
  3. Open the Altitude Adjustment pullout menu to check the current altitude flight will be planned for.
  4. Open the Map Control pullout menu to change the units.
  5. Place Boundary Markers by tapping and holding the locations where you would like define as the corners of your survey area.Boundary Markers can be single tapped to be removed or tapped and held again to be moved.A line is drawn between the first and second points since a valid flight plan has not yet been defined.As Boundary Markers are draw, the flight path with start to be formed.
  6. Use the Altitude Adjustment slider to adjust the altitude of the flight which determines the level of detail. Fine adjustments can be made by tapping on either side of the slider.
  7. Adjust Flight Path's primary pass direction using a two finger rotate gesture. Try to minimize partial passes while making sure the flight path is safe (including the flight path from the Home Point to the starting point and from the ending point to the Home Point).
  8. Open of the Map Control pullout menu to save the mission.
  9. Press the Save button on the left to save the mission for offline use or to repeat it.



  1. Open the Flight Control pullout menu and push the Upload button. This will execute a pre-flight check to makes sure the system is ready to collect data.
  2. The mission will be automatically uploaded to the aircraft.
  3. Verify the programmed flight is correct by checking the light blue line. If everything looks OK, press the Start button to begin the flight. Be sure to check the first and last legs of the flight to verify that the home point was set properly.
  4. The aircraft will automatically ascend vertically to the cruising altitude and set the gimbal to nadir (straight down).
  5. The aircraft will automatically proceed to the beginning of the flight path.
  6. The aircraft will automatically navigate along the flight path taking images at appropriate intervals.
  7. Once the mission is complete, the aircraft will automatically proceed to the point above the Home Point.
  8. The aircraft will automatically descend and land at the Home Point.
  9. Mission is complete.
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  • Avatar
    Magnus Sæternes Lian

    Hi, I did my first flight with Map Pilot on a Phantom3 Pro Today (Fw 1.5) All went well, but some of the images is very blury.. So is there a recommended flight speed during mapping? I flew at an average of 7 m/s at 50M hight... Also there is not much light here in Norway at this time of the year so i guess this could be due to shutter issues.. Optimally the drone should stop for every picture i guess.. Thanks anyway great tool! :)

  • Avatar
    Kari Eloranta
    Dear Magnus, Perhaps you should update your Phantom 3 Pro's firmware to v 1.6.0040.
  • Avatar
    Magnus, The most recent release of Map Pilot has a few different exposure modes that are designed to work with lower light situations like you have in the northern latitudes.
  • Avatar
    Michael Pilsworth

    Hi there,
    Is the higher the altitude the better the resolution?

  • Avatar

    The lower you fly the better the resolution. Flying higher has lower ground resolution but you will be able to cover more ground in a given amount of time.

  • Avatar


    I am confuse ...

    You note earlier in your documentation "to close DJI Go App...", in THIS documentation you do not?

    I know in other apps, Dji Go app should be close? Can you please give me a more detail takeoff and landing procedure?

    I plan my missions BEFORE going to site, so normally I will launch the DJI app, hover it to make sure everything is fine, land - and then load the MMS app, but keep the DJI app open in the background?

    When the mission is complete, the MMS app bring the drone home, but the last 3 meters before landing, I visually land it (with switching over to the DJI app. THIS seem wrong to me?

    So, can I please have more detail on the take off procedure and landing procedure - specific reference to the DJI app.

    Is tghi

  • Avatar

    (+1 Deon) I would also like to know if there are issues with having other software open when executing a mission.

  • Avatar
    oliver cabezas

    Hi, I bought phantom 4 pro + plus obsidian, but I did not download "Map Pilot". Is there any way to download it? Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Alessandro Monti

    Hi, Is it possible to change the camera angle during the mission? and is it possible to see the live video on full screen?


  • Avatar
    Michael Smith

    Oliver.....Phantom Pro Plus I believe is not a supported platform. The Pro is supported but the plus with the built in monitor is not.

  • Avatar
    Ricardo Garcia

    Hello, I have a Zino drone, from Hubsan. I would like to use it. Can I? Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Hugh Logue

    Hello, I am using a Mavic 2 Pro. I usually fly multi-battery missions. What is the proper sequence for taking battery out to replace and get back on track to flying again?

  • Avatar
    D Decker

    What if my drone requires more than one batter to complete the mission?

  • Avatar

    It picks up right where you left off.

  • Avatar
    Armond M

    I don't understand how you even start making a map grid...I can't see it anywhere in your menu to do so.

  • Avatar

    You don’t need to make the mapping grid yourself. You define the takeoff location and then you define the boundary. The grid pattern is the then automatically displayed inside the boundary based on the takeoff location and settings. There is a tutorial video that can be accessed from the home screen of the app that explains it all in detail too.

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