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Elevation Changes - Help

Hi, I have a 4 x 3 km aerial mapping job that has an elevation gain of 200 metres (651 feet) from one corner of the property to the opposite corner. This is located in Yukon so I don't believe elevation awareness is available (Mayo, Yukon). Is my only real option splitting the job into smaller overlapping areas and starting from the highest point of each area, then merging later? Is there no way for the drone to maintain constant altitude other than elevation awareness data? Thanks in advance! 

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It looks like that area is up at 63 Latitude so it will not be covered by the SRTM terrain awareness which goes up 60 degrees north. 

In the absence of terrain awareness data the approach you have described would the be the correct way to do it. Good job, seriously.

Since the area is pretty big there really is only one way to handle this: bring your own terrain data. 

There is likely a government source or terrain data available for that area. Get that and trim it appropriately. 

Then you can upload it to Maps Made Easy for processing. Once that is done you can select it in Map Pilot Pro as shown here:

From there you would use it as you normally would with SRTM. 

6 sq km is roughly 1500 acres. Your Pro subscription includes the processing of 1000 acres per 30 month. Elite includes 10,000.

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Starting with Android version 1.4.0 and iOS version 5.5.0, Map Pilot Pro's Terrain Awareness feature will have options for ASTER, Copernicus, SRTM and any other datasets we can add as built-in Terrain Awareness Data Sources. Copernicus is 30 meter data and is essentially global at 89 to -89 degree coverage (everything but the poles). US users now have access to 10m data from 3DEP/NED.

Having multiple independent terrain data source choice makes it so you have options if one data source has missing data in your operating location. 

We recommend using Copernicus for most work. 

You can read more about the Terrain Data Sources that are currently available here:

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