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Terrain Awareness - Custom Terrain Data Source

Tudor -

Select Custom Terrain Data Sources from maps that you have already processed using Maps Made Easy. The idea is that you fly high over an area using the SRTM data to get an updated DEM that you can use to fly much lower. This is especially useful in mining and construction where the terrain is constantly changing.


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    Gary L White

    I've watched the video several times; however, it goes so fast I can't follow the steps. I have even paused the video and tried to write down the steps but I keep getting lost. Do you have a written step by step version of what is in the video? I sure would appreciate it.

    Gary White

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    You double tap to drop the anticipated take off location. This will bring up a list of your custom terrain sources that are within 3 kilometers. You can then select the source you want which will display the colorized DEM and use the terrain data as the source for the Terrain Awareness plot.

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