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Multibattery mission: restarts several tracks before abandonment point


I looked at previous posts on this issue but could find none more recent than 2017?

Mavic 2 Pro, running missions through a 2020 iPad Pro, all of it up to date EXCEPT I had NOT upgraded the firmware on the Mavic. Previous firmware was updated in November 2021. I am now up to date and have not tried to replicate the problem since.

I was on the road, away from internet. I had multiple missions saved. Most were battery-limited (as usual) and I had no problem. One I had mistakenly saved with a 17-minute battery timer. On this mission, it came home for the battery change, but then restarted on the next phase from a point several tracks before the abandonment point, duplicating many photographs and significantly lengthening the mission by adding several battery changes.

I was likely manually taking over during landing, I usually do. I see that was an issue in 2017.

Also, I did not know about the feature to click the track corner when the line is blue (for checking flight path) to manually reset the point to restart the mission. I will know about that in the future.

Two questions:

1) Was my problem caused by old firmware or similar? Or is there another bug?

2) My mission completed with many, many duplicates. Will it cause any issue to load all these photographs into MME, OR should I manually delete the duplicates?

Thank you very much!

Andrew Bennett

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It is possible that you accidentally tapped a corner waypoint during the blue line verification step and overrode the current restarting point. 

Our Manual Restarting Point feature is there so you can dictate where to restart.

1. If you interrupt the flight to fly manually there is a warning that tells you to put it back in programmed flight mode when landing so everything stays synchronized. Even this isn't always perfect so it is best to let the aircraft do its thing and not interrupt if possible. 

2. If the duplicates you are talking about are just the images from the passes that were reflown it would be fine to omit one set of them or upload them. Uploading them all costs more points. 


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