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Manual Restarting Point

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With the release of Map Pilot v2.7.2 the ability to restart a mission at any corner has been introduced. 

In cases where the blue verification path does not represent the intended flight path the user can tap on any flight path corner to nominate that location as the Manual Restarting Point. The same point can be tapped again to clear it. 


In this example assume that something occurred in the last pass that was not ideal and the pilot wishes to retake the data. After uploading the waypoints the blue verification line will be shown and it does not include the last pass. 


The pilot can then tap the beginning of the previous pass to use that location as the Manual Restarting Point (larger blue dot). IMG_3767.PNG

To keep there from being any errant taps there is a warning to let the pilot know that the current restarting point is overriding the provided Abandonment Point. If it is agreed to, the aircraft will return to the larger blue dot after takeoff to resume mapping along the flight path from there.IMG_3769.PNG

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    Michael Koontz

    This is so cool! And will be hugely helpful if, for instance, it turns out my multispectral camera didn't trigger as it was supposed to or if a cloud passes through during one of the flights. No need to redo the whole map!

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    Yu-Huang Wang

    I followed the instruction but it doesn’t work. I tapped the the beginning of previous pass nothing happened.

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    Be sure to tap the corner while the blue line is showing.

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    Raymond Chong

    some big area one battery cannot finish the flight plan,
    Whether the software can automatically go to last point after change battery?


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