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Hello good morning, I tell you that I find the app excellent. But I would like to suggest that in some way the return home be avoided because there are times when the drone returns to 60% and one often follows it. It has an option to avoid the return but it does not work, after a few seconds it returns if it lets you avoid the return and losing a percentage that you could have used to fly. For example, in road flight one is following the drone and due to the distance it calculates to return home losing 55% of battery. Battery that could be used to optimize as much as possible.

Pedro Águila

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For general safety reasons we tell the the aircraft to use its smart RTH function. This means the aircraft keeps track of how far it is from the home point and how far it can travel on the remaining battery. Once the home point is further away than it has power to return home it will head back. This can be avoided by using the Movable Home Point function which will update the home point as you fly which will affect this calculation and keep it in the air longer. You just have to stay pretty close to it.

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