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Poor Flatmap Results

I tried the Flatmap option yesterday with extremely poor results. The flight was done with Map Pilot Pro set to a linear mission with 3 passes with 10% overlap at 200’ AGL.

The completed map is very choppy and misaligned and many of the pictures are skewed. What can be done to fix this so I can quickly get flat orthophotos of sections of roadway?

Michael Brown

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Thanks for trying out the new feature. There are a couple of things going on here. 

At the top of the Flat Maps workflow there is a note that says "For best results use Map Pilot Pro with Active Connect, fly high and use 10-15% overlap." 

In adding the Flat Map feature we also added some specific flight control modifications to Map Pilot Pro that are used when the overlap is set to less that 30%. The keeps everything a little more stable in hopes of keeping the image pointing tags as accurate as possible. 

It also notes to use Active Connect mode (not Connectionless). This is not to say it won't work with connectionless but we haven't evaluated it as much and Connectionless will take images as it goes around corners. These corner images don't work very well in Flat Maps. 

Lastly, it looks like your P4P camera had a slight yaw to it while flying. This is super common. The problem is that this yaw is not reported in the image tags so the images are being plopped down in a goofy spot. This isn't an issue when doing photogrammetry because the pointing data doesn't really come into play. But it totally wrecks the Flat Map. 

This was such a common issue we added the ability to take out that yaw offset in Map Pilot Pro's Quick Map screen. See the video here:

The connectionless images you have already taken might mess up your ability to do that because of the images at the end of the pass. 

A quick workaround for taking better data (still not perfect) is to tip the gimbal up 3-5 degree which seems to make that unreported yaw offset go away. 

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