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Flat Map Adjustment

Tudor -

One of the best new features in Maps Made Easy is the ability to make Flat Maps. Flat Maps are a non-photogrammetric 2D map that is created using the aircraft's location, the pointing angle of the gimbal and the surrounding terrain model. Map Pilot Pro allows users to collect low overlap data (5-15%) that can than be reviewed and adjusted in the Quick Maps screen. Once adjustments have been made the data can be uploaded to Maps Made Easy for processing into a Flat Map in just a few minutes.

This feature is especially useful for linear missions and thermal missions as well as agricultural or forest mapping that is problematic using standard photogrammetry.


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    David Herries

    Can this be done inside the web portal. Had an issue downloading the images to the ipad (was taking a long time) and so just downloaded the SD card to create the flat map in the web portal, but have noticed it would have benefited from having this tweaking as most of the images are not aligned correctly.

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    No. This can only be done in the app. Do the quick map first since it only downloads the thumbnails.

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    David Herries

    Thanks Zane.

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