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Poor image quality due to bad overlap

Hello, I recently flew a flight and got a very poor result. I used the same settings that I have previously without problem. I flew @ 120 m with a 75% overlap but it seems a lot worse than this. The final result was not well blended and unusable. 

The polygon was quite long and narrow and I wonder if this was to blame? Should I have used a linear mission rather than normal. 

Is there anything you can suggest to fix this? 

Patrick Dravitzki

Official comment


This area is basically solid trees. As noted in the Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload we require at least 80% overlap when trees are involved. 75% is insufficient. 

From the Data Collection guidelines:

Use LOTS of Overlap in Treed or Crop Areas

Trees are hard to render because they are typically almost always in motion and have a lot of fine detail.

Generally, the orthophoto portion of the processing may turn out fine at 65-70% overlap. However, if there are trees included in survey area and you want the 3D components of the processing to turn out well, we recommend using 80-90% overlap in order to make sure we have enough information to represent the trees properly. Also, avoid windy days when trees are involved.


You can see that the Flat Map Failover feature filled in the area as best it could. The Flat Maps feature works best when low overlap (10-15%) is used when flying with Map Pilot Pro. 

You can read about Flat Maps here:


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