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I just bought the full Map Pilot license and had some questions:
- Does the "Terrain Awareness" option always apply to flight or does something have to be done to activate it?
- I can't find a way to activate the "Simulator" option.
- When you edit a flight and you want to save the modifications in the same file, how is it done? Every time you click to save, it saves you a new flight file.

Thanks and best regards.

Pedro Miguel Garcia Zamorano

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It is an option for all flights but you can select No to say that you don't want to use it. 

The simulator is in the top left corner of the Options Menu:

Save edits to a mission can not be done. You have to create a new file. We have things tied together all over the place and editing an already saved mission would break some of that. 

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Regarding the simulator, he did not know that the aircraft had to be connected, he thought it was a simulator without having to connect it.

As for Terrain Awareness, when do you say "NO"?

The missions thing is a problem, because every time you edit a mission and want to save the changes, it keeps the previous ones that do not interest you. Imagine that in a word document, every time you save the changes it generates a new file.


All the best.

Pedro Miguel Garcia Zamorano 0 votes
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You say "No" when you are asked if you want to correct the flight plan for terrain before taking off. 

Feel free to delete all the old copies by swiping left and selecting "Delete" to get rid of them. 

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