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Tudor -

As of the release of Map Pilot 2.0.0, a simulator feature is built in to allow users to see what will happen before venturing outdoors.

Map Pilot 2.0 has a built-in Simulator function to let you practice using the app before taking it out in the wild. The Simulator lets new (and experienced) users see what will happen for a given mission.

As you can see, the flight is simulated and shows the progress along the planned flight path but the drone is on a table looking at a business card and is clearly not flying.

WARNING: We never recommend having a drone powered up indoors with the props on. If you forget to enable the simulator it will try to take off!!!


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    problem: Unable to turn simulator 'ON'.

    I tap or press the 'simulator' icon in the top menu bar. But right now the simulator is OFF. I am unable to turn it ON. Is there some other magic to do this seemingly simple task?

    No phantom is connected, just sitting at my desk. Planning a mission, with terrain awareness (purchased). I can adjust all the other menu settings, but not simulator.

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    Same here. "Simulator: Off", not selectable

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    William Patterson

    For the simulator to work, it appears you must be connected to the drone, with drone/controller powered on. Of course, as suggested above, do not connect the props when running a simulation just in case you forget to turn the simulator function on. If the simulator can be run without connecting the drone, please advise. Thanks.

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    Peter Caldwell

    Would be amazing if we could get those kind of Dev tools as a product / feature. designing up allot of surveys using a phone or tablet can be frustrating.

    Doing it via Browser / or desktop application ( like drone deploy) would make Map Pilot an be an out of the park product!

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    Tony Gilbert

    OK I have a drone connected but it wants to keep automatically setting my home point where I am, well away from the mission area I'm planning, and then refuses to load the mission because the home point is too far away. How do I stop it doing that?

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