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Saving a Mission

Tudor -

Map Pilot allows users to save missions that can be run numerous times without having to replan the flight or used when offline in the field. All associated data gets cached along with the saved mission including basemap and terrain data (if enabled).

1. Layout the mission and include an anticipated takeoff location by double tapping to drop the purple dot. You don't have to take off at this location but it helps to ensure that the battery and flight time estimates are accurate.

2. Press the 'Save' button circled in red. 


3. Data will be saved. 


4. Confirmation message is provided. 



Once a mission is saved it will show up in the Mission Management screen. The name is generic and is based on the flights parameters. 


The saved mission can be edited or deleted by swiping left on the title. The mission can be shared via email or AirDrop by tapping and holding the title.


You can rename the mission by clicking the 'Edit' button.



Once a mission is saved, it cannot be edited. You can, however, open the mission, unlock it, edit it, and save it again.




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