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Additional Costs Required Before Flight

I went onsite today after creating my mission at home. I felt like all was good to go until I got onsite. I loaded the mission, but had to change locations as the potential client wanted another area surveyed. 

I followed the online step by step process and all was going well.

The app recognized the drone and all was set. I clicked take off, or start, can't remember the exact term. A window popped up, and unfortunately, I did not take a screen capture of it, but in short, it said there was an error due to additional costs required?

Since I was onsite and the client was with me I chose to abort for the day. I hope to go back this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

If I shared my mission (assuming I can do that) with someone would you be able to tell me what went wrong?

Chris Stegner

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Here is our reply from 39 minutes after it was asked via email:

We do all of our support via email and our support forums. There is no phone support available unless you equipment was purchased from Drones Made Easy. 

If you are using the LITE version of the app there are a lot of features that you have to pay for to use:

If you were using the Terrain Awareness or Linear Flight Planning in preview or simulation mode you can do that without having to pay for it. Before you can use it to actually take off with it you have to pay for the feature. This is why for professional use we recommend the use of Map Pilot Business so you can be sure you have access to all of the features. 

As noted in the comparison chart that was linked to above, you can share mission between devices that are logged in as the same user, but you have to have Map Pilot Business (or upgrade to it) to be able to send mission files from user to user. Only the receiving user needs to have the Business version.

Any time you see a something on the screen you are not sure about you should get in the habit of taking a screenshot so you have the text handy to help us support you better. 

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