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Flight Path Extent

Hello -- I want to use Map Pilot to collect aerial photos of a particular property.  I plan to fly at 200ft with 80% overlap. 

Do I need full flight path lines (not just the turn-around) outside the property parcel boundary to ensure that sufficient photos will be collected to cover the extent of the property?

Or, is the rule that the orange shaded survey area simply needs to cover the property boundary to ensure full aerial photo coverage of the property?

In the processing of the images, using MME, I just don't want the trimming to inadvertently remove area that is within the property boundary that I'm trying to map.

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The orange survey area polygon is the area for which imagery is collected. The way Map Pilot does it is optimized for Maps Made Easy use. If you feel like that is cutting out important imagery you can use Connectionless mode in your mapping which will collect the imagery at the turnarounds. 

You should cover the area you want a map for with the orange polygon.

The auto trimming just takes off the jagged edges that end up being areas of low overlap. If you want to leave them you can trim them for the web maps after the fact:

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