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Using Map Pilot offline to map South Georgia, in the South Atlantic, with some serious terrain

Next month, we're about to embark on a month long expedition to the remote island of South Georgia, as part of a coastal habitat mapping research project. I've been using your app to great effect in the Falkland Islands and really like the Terrain Awareness function, based on SRTM data.

South Georgia has some serious terrain, and I am trying to plan the missions before we depart, while connected to the internet, to download basemaps and the terrain information.   However, we are going to be based off a boat (potentially with zero internet access), and there may be the situation that we want to complete some opportunistic mapping missions which I haven't been able to pre-plan.  Is it possible to batch download a series of base map tiles and terrain information for a large area. 

I guess one option may be to plan a very very large missions, thereby covering a large an area as possible, and therefore downloading large sections of basemaps.  However, South Georgia is quite large and I'm not sure if this is feasible.

Are there other options, or functionality with the App that I am not familiar with?

Many thanks


Neil Golding

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You can preplan and cache up all the data  you will need ahead of time. I would recommend testing this while in Airplane mode or testing out of internet signal to make sure you have everything you will need. If it works in the simulator it will work when you get there. 

The data caching is only limited to the amount of free storage you have available on your device. 


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Hello Zane,

Thank you for the reply. I had planned quite a few missions previously for our South Georgia trip (back in Dec 2018) on the iPad, and had saved them, including downloading the basemap tiles, yet when I go back into them (in AirPlane mode - so no connectivity) , there are no basemaps showing (just black). It has saved the terrain data, as I can plot a height profile from the saved missions, but there is no background, which is troubling?  Would you have any idea what is happening, and why the maps are not showing?

thanks Neil

Neil Golding 0 votes

You will only get the basemaps in saved missions but the terrain awareness data is still there and can be used for new missions. 

You can open a saved mission and hit the unlock button to enable editing it. When you resave it it will use whatever basemap that tiles are cached on the iOS device and show them for the edited saved mission too. 

It sounds like you may need more basemap coverage than you are getting from the saved mission so you should be looking into our BYOB (Bring Your Own Basemap) feature.

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