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Phantom 4 Pro V2 Missing Pictures

I have a Phantom 4 Pro V2 drone that will miss pictures during its flight. The estimated photos will be around 80, during the flight it will say it took around 75, but there will only be around 40 saved to the SD card. Sometimes it seems to randomly miss pictures, other times it will miss almost an entire flight line of pictures. I have tried reinstalling both DJI Go 4 and Map Pilot with no success as well as trying different phones with mixed success. I also have another identical drone that will occasionally point its camera to the horizon for part of the flight.


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Missing pictures happens when you are using Active Connect mode and the RC signal strength drops below about 85%. Make sure you are maintaining a strong signal by pointing your antenna appropriately and tracking your aircraft using the directional indicators. 

If it is not possible to maintain a strong signal due to interference or obstructions, you can use the Connectionless mapping mode which relies on a distance based trigger that is local to the aircraft instead of the trigger from the mobile device.

The horizon issue is likely the C1 or C2 button being pushed by accident. 

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