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Trouble setting manual GCPs

I am busy testing the MapsMadeEasy platform for an upcoming job in July.  So far, no real surprises, but I am having trouble with the manual GCP point referencing.  The official video on your site seems to be out of date, as there is a new beta system involving a CSV spreadsheet.  I am a bit stuck on one thing...

This line in the instructions: 

  • GCPs must be within the covered area of the source map and represented clearly without being too close to the edges.

When I right-click on the ground features, do I take co-ordinates from the source map or the overlay map?  I have tried it both ways, entered the co-ordinates into my spreadsheet, but my overlay map still does not line up with the source map.  Also, when I get my new map with markers showing, there doesn't seem to be any way to move the markers.  I must be missing something fundamental, but I can't seem to solve it on my own.  Help appreciated!

Tim Allix

Official comment


The Manual and Basemap georeferencing methods have been retired since almost all cameras geotag now. 

The links for them have been disabled on the New Map page and they are no longer maintained. 

The new Manual Rereferencing method linked by Dave is the proper thing to do. Process the map initially with the geotags and then fix it up with your measured GCP data. Make sure you follow the format of the CSV very carefully.


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