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I’m still being billed why

I’m trying to call and text someone to help me this continue my service. I deleted this almost a year ago. It’s still charging me. Why is this? I will have to report this to the Better Business Bureau if I don’t get someone to help me immediately. My cell phone number is 701-300-3123. Could someone please call me immediately and help me with this?
Greg Pelfrey

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We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with your account. This is the first communication we have any record of getting from you here or via our support email. You are still being charged because you never canceled. Deleting the app does not cancel anything. The instructions for cancellation can be found here (linked to from your account profile):

From that page:

Access to the Subscription Management Portal

Downgrades to Free - Cancelling

Users on any service level can downgrade their service level to Free (found under the monthly plans) at any time. This is equivalent to cancelling the subscription and stopping any further payments. 

The user retains access to the subscribed service level until the end of the current billing cycle. 

Four clicks from the link above: Hit Update Plan, click Monthly, select Free, hit Confirm. Nice and easy.

To stop the recurring billing all you have to do is set it back to Free. I don't know who you were calling/texting but it wasn't us. 

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