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Subscription Management

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Access to the Subscription Management Portal

Coupon Code Use

  • Go to
  • Click 'Manage Subscription'
  • Click 'Update Plan'
  • Choose the desired plan
  • Click 'Add promotion code'
  • Enter the coupon code
  • Click 'Apply'
  • Click 'Confirm'

Free Accounts

All Maps Made Easy users have a Free account by default. Free accounts do not have payments or billing periods associated with them.


Paid Subscriptions are recurring

In order to access the increased processing tiers and more advanced functionality of Maps Made Easy paid subscriptions are required.  

For paid subscribers the chosen service level is active as long as the subscription is up to date.

Monthly subscribers are charged every month on the day of the month the subscription was activated. 

Annual subscribers are charged every year on the date of the year that the subscription was activated. 


Failed Payments

If at any point the subscription becomes past due for a failed payment the account will immediately be marked as being expired and paid access will be revoked. The failed payment may be tried again multiple times according to our payment processor, Stripe. If a subsequent attempt to collect the failed charge succeeds, access will be reenabled and the subscription will be back on its original renewal schedule.


Billing Information and Invoices

The company and individual data that is associated with the subscription can also be added. From your Maps Made Easy account detail click on 'Manage Subscription'. In the 'Billing and Shipping Information' click on the icon to edit your data. Past invoices are available below that. 



Users on any service level can upgrade their service level at any time.

Free tier users that are upgrading to a paid tier will start a new billing cycle immediately.

Paid users will need to pay the prorated difference between their current plan and the new plan. 

In the case of switching from an annual plan to a monthly plan any unused credit will be used before the card on file is charged again. 


Downgrades Between Paid Levels

Users on any service level can downgrade their service level at any time.

Any unused credit will remain in the account and be used before the card on file is charged again. 


Downgrades to Free - Cancelling

Users on any service level can downgrade their service level to Free (found under the monthly plans) at any time. This is equivalent to cancelling the subscription and stopping any further payments. 

The user retains access to the subscribed service level until the end of the current billing cycle. 

Four clicks from the link above: Hit Update Plan, click Monthly, select Free, hit Confirm. Nice and easy.


Overdue Accounts

If your account is overdue from a failed payment attempt you can either update your billing information to use your subscription for your final month after you downgrade to Free. Or, you can just leave it alone since your subscription has already expired and the renewal has failed. Your access is terminated and the invoice will be marked uncollectible. 



Refunds are only available within the first 7 days of the payment being made for annual plans or 24 hours for monthly plans. Refunds are only available as long as the subscription has not been used (map processing or Map Pilot Pro use) and will result in account deactivation. Once you have downgraded back to the Free tier you can request your refund via email if you are eligible. 





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