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Getting started looking for drone recommendations

I would like to create a map/model of a hillside using a drone. I have some experience with drones and looking to upgrade and I'm trying to make my decision based on the ability of the drone to use mapping software like Map Pilot/Maps Made Easy.

The other purpose for the drone would be aerial photography, not planning on doing any social media posts/selfies/etc.

As of now I'm leaning towards the DJI Mini Pro. I have an Android phone, Pixel 7 running Android 14, and it's not clear to me that this combination is currently supported.

I have been able to download and run the .apk apps for both DJI and Map Pilot Pro but wanted to check here before pulling the trigger on a new drone.



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Hillsides can be hard to do well. I would highly recommend starting small and flat and working your way up from there. You definitely want to get comfortable using the Terrain Awareness feature in our Map Pilot Pro app to keep your overlap even-ish throughout your survey area. 

You can read about our Mini 3 series support here:

Android 14 is well supported. 

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