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Uploading a Mission Plan

I am a new Maps Made Easy customer. I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 and a DJI Mini 3 Pro with RC. I have only used the aircraft with the RC but have now downloaded the DJI Fly app and Map Pilot Pro app to my phone. I have also looked at the MME online support material and similar Youtube videos.

After all this, it remains unclear to me whether mission plans are uploaded from phone to DJI Fly, phone to RC or directly from phone to aircraft (the RC remains switched off).

I have prepared a draft Mission Plan in MPP (very simple and intuitive) but I can't upload the mission (Quick Map and Data Transfer buttons do not appear).    

So I need to know....

- to where am I uploading the Mission Plan (DJI Fly, RC or aircraft)?

- therefore, to which device or app must I establish a BT or wifi connection?  

A diagram showing how these apps / devices interact would be really useful too. 

Graham Turner

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The DJI app doesn't really play any role in Map Pilot Pro operation except for maybe to clear No Fly Zones or doing a preflight checkout to be sure everything on the aircraft is OK. I am not aware of any videos out there that shows it being part of it. 

Map Pilot Pro runs on your phone and since you are using a Mini 3 Pro it is flying the aircraft directly since it doesn't have waypoint support. 

Quick Map and Data Transfer are features in the iOS version of the app for reviewing collected data. It doesn't have any part in the data collection process. 

So after you have designed your Mission Plan you connect to your aircraft and hit Upload from there. There is no bluetooth or Wifi connection involved. You need to plug your aircraft remote into your phone. This should be the same operation as using the DJI Fly app. When you use Map Pilot Pro you need to make sure all other drone related apps are fully closed on your mobile device. 

Also, since you are using the Mini 3 Pro you need to make sure you have downloaded and installed the 'e' variant of the APK.

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