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Building not come out #2

 I ran the park mission over here's my results no Orbit this time

2 Maps at 160ft then down 100ft

Gamble.. 55 / 75 

5MPH ...160 Pics

What am I missing ?????

Drone >>AIR 2S



Raffaele Gaines

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For other readers, this is referencing this post:

This output seems to have ignored the previous feedback. You did not use the Full 3D mode to render the vertical surfaces:

The roof did turn out a bit better than before though without the orbit images. The issue with the rest of it is that the overlap its still haphazard and inconsistent.

Why not use a mapping app if you are collecting mapping data. Use 75% overlap with a full grid and it will turn out better. You have access to all of the required features with your Base subscription. 

That reflective roof is always going to be an issue though unless you get a circular polarizing filter to cut down the glare. 


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