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M100 Stops flying to take photos


I have a DJI Matrice 100, I am trying to use your app Maps Made Easy, Map Pilot.

The Map Pilot app loads the flight plan to the M100, take of OK and fly to the starting position and starts the flight path to take photos but the M100 stops to take the photo then fly’s to the next photo point and stops again to take the photo and will do this for all of the mission.

All of the firm wares are up to date M100, Map Pilot, controller and DJI Go app.

Can you give me help


Terry Traeger

Terry Traeger

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I don't think I fully understand your issue. What version of Map Pilot are you using? Map Pilot does not stop to take images. Once it is on the flight path it continues motion while taking all imagery.

Please send a screenshot of when this behavior is happening so we can help better.

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