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ground offset

- Will setting a ground offset have any impact on the drone's altitude itself?

- While playing with offset i expected to see longer flight times/ more pictures ( or less depending on + offset or - offset).

- With an altitude set of 80 meters and offset to 20 meters will the quad fly at 100 meters ?

Bert Bosman

Official comment


- Yes. 

- It doesn't change anything about the flight plan other than the height it will be executed.

- Yes.

The ground offset feature is designed to get the designated overlap on an area that is at a different elevation than the takeoff point. Imagine you want to get 70% overlap for the roof of a building that is 20 meters tall and you want to take off from the ground. Before you would have had to guess at how much higher you would need to put the overlap setting to get that value up there. Now you can use all of the normal controls for overlap and desired GSD/altitude and put in that ground offset to take care of the rest. Basically it just slides the exact flight plan that is shown up and down in altitude.

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