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Relatively Large Map

We are stuck a little with a relatively large map we are preparing for the Imperial Valley Desert Museum (IVDM) in Ocotillo, CA. They have about 150 acres to document. We flew it at about 150-160 feet AGL and captured 3008 images total flying the Map pilot application with 80% over and side lap.  
After reading the information you have online and looking at the comments & FAQs, it seems we cannot normally process automatically through the Maps Made Easy program with this amount of images. We are submitting it in 3 or 4 parts to see how that goes using our points but that is not what the customer wants.
So here are my couple questions
1) Is there a work around for larger maps to be processed with you on an individual basis?
2) Any other suggestions for us when we get these 150+ acre projects?
We have more in store, some up to 500 acres, with several potential corporate, government, and not for profit clients so don't want to screw them up! We like working together with Maps Made Easy and do not want to be a pain so restrict our questions to the important revenue producing ones. 
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Great to hear you guys are busy!

We limit individual jobs to 1400 images. For your situation we would recommend breaking it up into 3 jobs. These 3 jobs can then be assembled by creating a Location Map:

When breaking it up into the individual jobs it would be good to include the last pass of one segment as the first pass in the next segment to ensure that that there is plenty of overlap between the adjacent segments.

For example Job 1 would get passes 1-20, Job 2 passes 20-40 and Job 3 would get passes 40-60. The passes 20 and 40 would get uploaded twice to make it so there are no gaps in the Location Map.

We have had people put together triple digit segments to cover 10s of miles of river and roadway using this method.

The Location Map will not combine the GeoTiff images, that will be up to you.

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