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DJI Matrice 100 support


I would like to know whether Matrice 100 will work and click the images if it loses its signal with RC and the Maps Made Easy App.

Will it still complete its path which has been set.If not what would be the solution for the problem. We are facing the problem with DJI Inspire 1 as it didn't clicked the images after losing its signal with the app and the RC


Anirudha Rasane


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We will be adding a "connection-less" mode in the future. We are trying to work with DJI to add a mode to put it into an automated imaging interval in the event of a signal loss.

Dave is correct though. For some reason, the imaging signal drops out when the signal drops even a little bit.

We have had some really good luck using these to make sure the signal stays strong at far out distances:

The connectionless mode will basically just start the automated imaging at the start of the flight path. This will allow for beyond line of site mapping (which we don't really think is a great idea).


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In my experience,  the Craft will fly the mission track but will not capture images if the signal degrades.  MME says below 85%.  But in looking at my logs, it drops images when the signal only degrades a little, below 92%.

Apparently the sdk will only allow a timed capture to be stored,  but Map Pilot evaluates the conditions and adjusts the capture interval on the fly, so it needs a good signal to the App.  

I agree that it would be beneficial to have the option to select "capture on a specified interval" rather that the default "the app optimizes capture"  if signal to the RC was problematic for whatever reason on a particular project. Images with less than perfect overlap would be better than no images I think.

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