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Trouble Making My First Map

 Hi I tried to process my first map today.  I collected the images using drone deploy and a dji mavic.  I prosesed the map in drone deploy and I am happy with the results. I would really like to use maps made easy because of the pay as you go structure.  


 I have tried to process the images twice and it dosn't seem to be working.  First I tried to pick my geo ref points and the second time I used the camera geo ref option.  Both times I get an odd shaped blob  in the area of my flight but much smaller.

I know this isn't much info to go on, but if anyone can point me towards something to do differently i would be greatful.   

MIke Wehmeyer

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We recommend using the normal workflow you have been using and then using GIS software to do the final GPS coordinate adjustment to get more precision. Our manual GCP workflows are only designed to be used with non-geotagging cameras and won't actually lead to higher accuracy. 

You can read about getting highly accurate georeferencing our our outputs here:


If you really want to fix your manual georeferenced layers, here are the support articles regarding this issues you are seeing.


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Ok I tried again with no georef at all.  Looks a little better but still not right.  There is a culdasac in the map that shows as a figure 8 instead of a circle.  i looked at the overlap reports and they dont really resemble my flight.  I am running out of ideas.  Any help would be awsome.


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