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Pix4D and Ligthroom

I am using the Pix4D application for photogrammetry for a project of Drone images to be used in a Geographic Information System (GIS). The tonalities of the images taken with the DJI Inspire I result in variations that I must correct. When I export the images processed in Pix4D to Ligthroom to adjust their tonalities, the georeferenced of the images is lost. Is there any way to get the export from Pix4D to Ligthroom without losing the georeference of the images?


Estoy utilizando la aplicación de Pix4D para fotogrametría para un proyecto de imágenes de Drone para ser utilizadas en un GIS. Las tonalidades de algunas imágenes tomada con el Inspire I de DJI resultan con variaciones que debo corregir. Cuando exporto las imágenes procesadas en Pix4D a Ligthroom para ajustar sus tonalidades se pierde la georreferencia de las mismas. Hay alguna manera para lograr la exportación de Pix4D a Ligthroom sin perder la georreferencia de las imágenes?

Pedro Figueroa

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Fixing the White Balance to Sunny or Cloudy depending on the conditions will help the coloration from getting weird with the Auto setting.

Lightroom is notorious for plowing the image's native tags and replacing it with its own. It is super important to get your settings right and do some tests with copies of data so you don't destroy all of your source data. 

Here are some other discussion threads that have found some solutions:



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