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Update 9/4/2018: The Log File Manager was renamed File Manager.

With the release of Map Pilot 2.0.0, the addition of the Log File Manager which can be accessed through the main menu is an easy way to send files via email/AirDrop, upload log files to HealthyDrones or review previous flight paths.

KML and .CSV log files are all shown in the Log File Manager. A KML file is generated for each flight log that is taken. The 

Tapping and holding on a CSV log file will also attempt to upload it to HealthyDrones if you have entered a valid Token in the settings menu. Files that have already been uploaded will have "UPLOADED" appended to the file name so you can keep track. Read here for more detail.

All files can be sent via email or AirDrop by pressing and holding the file name to bring up the standard Apple file sharing options.

KML files can be opened by tapping on the file name to view them for use as a guideline for additional flight plan layouts or just to review the flight. If for some reason a KML is not generated for a flight log you can tap the flight log's filename and a KML will be created.

KML files can also be opened from other sources and loaded into the Log File Manager for viewing or reference purposes. More Detail...

All of these files can be found using the 'Files' app in iOS 12 and up. 

NOTE: Whenever a KML file is loaded, it will remain as the active KML file and be shown as active.kml in the Log File Manager. When you are finished using that particular KML file as a guideline it is safe to delete the active.kml file from the file manager. The original file will remain.

All files can be deleted by swiping left. 

Select the Log File Manager icon from the Main Menu.  

All files in the File Manager can be sent by tapping and holding the file name to bring up the standard iOS file sharing dialog. 


Choose an AirDrop target or send the file via email.


Tapping and holding will attempt up upload .CSV files to HealthyDrones if there is a valid token in the settings menu.


If there is no valid token you will get a message to make sure that you are currently connected to the Internet and have a valid token in the settings.


Successfully uploaded CSV log files will have UPLOADED added to their file name.

KML versions of the log files and any log file received via email or other app can be viewed by tapping the file name.



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