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Flight Log Storage - Airdata UAV (Healthy Drones) User Token

Tudor -

If you are a AirData UAV (formerly HealthyDrones) user you can enter your Auto Upload User Token into the Map Pilot settings menu which will allow you to upload your Map Pilot log files directly from the app. This upload token can be gotten from the following location:

Once you have this value entered in the Settings the app will attempt to upload the log files automatically upon landing and when the app launches. Given an internet connection, all files will eventually get uploaded without further user interaction. 


Once this value which usually follows the format shown in the place holder text is entered successfully you will be able to upload flight logs directly from the File Manager.

If the value has not been entered (or is not valid) or there is currently no internet connectivity the following error will be seen.

Once the file is successfully uploads, the following message will be shown.


The successfully uploaded file's filename will have "UPLOADED" added to it so you can keep track of what has and hasn't been synced. "UPLOADED" files are safe to be deleted off the mobile device since the original data can be retrieved from your AirData UAV (HealthyDrones) profile.

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    I've just followed this process and got the message that the file upload was successful, and the csv files in map pilot show "UPLOADED" in their name - but when I go to HealthyDrones I can't see those flight logs. I've tried logging out/in a couple of times - should there be any lag time in information displaying? Can you suggest any troubleshooting steps from here? Thanks Jon

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    If it shows the message that the upload was successful that means we got the OK back from HealthyDrones for the file upload. Sometimes it can take a bit for the files to show up.

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    David Herries

    Just confirming the finger action upload ? Seems to be a swipe to the right ? is this correct.

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    Chris Stahl

    What is supposed to be entered in the mapbox access token field? A kind of URL?
    The healthy drones user token field is where the actual token goes I figure but the field above is not explained, can it be blank?

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    The AirData token can be blank. If you want to use it you take the token value from your AirData account and paste it into the box here in Map Pilot' settings so the app can upload log files from Map Pilot to your AirData account.

    You can read about what to put in the Mapbox setting here:

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