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Mapbox ID and Mapbox Access Token

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January 2, 2017 - This information is out of date and is only applicable to versions released before version 2.4.0.

Please refer to the following article for up to date information:

3rd Party Basemap - Mapbox Share URL



Map Basemap and Annotation Access

As of version 1.3.2, we have added the capability of using 3rd party basemaps and importing markers, lines and polygons to aid in the Flight Planning process.

Since we have to pay for every single map load we show and want to keep the cost of the app below $20, we allow users to save 10 missions using our default Mapbox access credentials. Beyond those initial sample cached basemaps, we ask that if users wish to continue using that feature they will need to sign up for their own Mapbox account to continue caching map tiles. Missions can be saved without the need to download cached basemaps if they will have data service in the field.

Below is the error message that will be shown when you reach your sample caching limit:

If these additional map caching or annotations are not of use to you, please leave the example values where they are or make sure they are totally blank (not even a space character). Failure to do so will result in errors.

We were already using Mapbox as our cached tiles provider and realized that a lot of the features that users were requesting to be added were readily accessible if we continue to use the Mapbox capabilities. The biggest problem we saw with adding KML, GeoJSON and GPX support was that we needed a standard way of handling it. We didn't like the option of having users uploading unstructured data into the app since that is a good way to have it start crashing in strange ways that are hard to test. Going through Mapbox provides us with a way to provide these advanced capabilities to users that have issues using the Apple Maps or Mapbox basemaps.

Signing up for Mapbox Starter Plan is free and comes with 1 GB of data storage for files and basemaps which can be uploaded and used in your Map Pilot flight planning.

Official Mapbox pricing:

The Settings

In order to give Map Pilot access to the data you wish to use as your custom basemap or as flight planning layout guides, the users needs to provide Map Pilot with some information from their Mapbox account. This data does not leave your device and is only used to download your data. It is not shared in any way other than with the Mapbox servers.

The Mapbox ID is a short bit of text that has your Mapbox user account name followed by a 8-digit alphanumeric code like ab12cd34. The placeholder value in the MapBox ID is example.nnk8hmb2. This tells Map Pilot which map in your account you would like to use.

The Mapbox Access Token is a big crazy string of numbers and letters that is like a password. The placeholder value in the MapBox Access Token is


See, big and crazy. Don't try to type it. Please.

NOTE: The placeholder values are not valid Mapbox credentials.

Both the Mapbox ID and the Access Token are weird, hard to type, and really need to be accurate. We highly recommend that users copy and paste the information on a desktop computer and email it to an address that is reachable on the mobile device. This way users can copy and paste the values from the email into the Mapbox settings and minimize the chances of making a mistake.

Where do I get the Mapbox ID and Access Token? 

Once you sign up for your MapBox account, users will need to get the ID and Access Token for the map they want to use (after is is created). The following instructions will show how to create a simple basemap to get the ID and where to find the access token.

Getting the Mapbox ID

  1. Click on the "Studio" link in the top right corner.
  2. Click on "Classic" at the bottom of the menu on the left.
  3. Click on the "0 Mapbox Editor Projects" tab.
  4. Then create your own Mapbox map by clicking "New Mapbox Editor Project".
  5. Select a basemap style you would like to use and hit "Save". The basemap style that Map Pilot uses as the default is "Satellite Streets".
  6. Now that it is saved, go back to the Mapbox Editor projects list by clicking on the person icon in the top left.

Now you can copy and paste the map ID for the map you created.Getting the Mapbox Access Token

Go to to get your Access Token

  1. Copy the whole value in the text box by clicking the blue Copy button on the right.


Now that you have these two values, email them to the mobile device so they can be copied and pasted into the Map Pilot Settings.

Below is a sample that shows the default Mapbox Editor basemap being used within Mapbox.


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  • Avatar
    Carlos Juri

    MAPBOX ID is not correct.... should be an alphanumeric thing..

  • Avatar

    When using my own ID and token, i'm stuck at the "Offline Map Download Progress" Popup when saving, nothing happens and I can only Cancel...

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    Andrew D Moore

    This only works in the Classic Mapbox interface. The new Mapbox Studio doesn't have Map IDs.
    You can still use the Classic Mapbox interface (which these instructions are based) here:

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