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The difference between a "Paid Job" and a free job is that a paid job uses points that were purchased during its creation. A job that is created using "Promotional" points is not classified as a "Paid Job".

The publicly shared version of a "paid job" will not contain any reference to Maps Made Easy. For individuals or companies that wish not disclose how your data was processed it is important to purchase points and use them for processing.

Paid jobs are eligible for custom branding placement.

There is no difference in how the maps are processed. The only difference really is that if the job was processed for free, the "Maps Made Easy" part of the map data attribution will included. Even if you change the attribution text to your company name and website the Maps Made Easy attribution will still be shown on free jobs.

The other advantage of using "Purchased Points" is that the web map will only be deleted from our system if it is inactive (not viewed within the last 6 months) and created more than 3 years ago. Free jobs that are not used for 6 months are eligible for deletion.

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    Encompass Now

    I'm confused. I purchased point, used some of those purchased points for my job but yet it says it is not a "paid" job and now our company logo is missing. Pleas clarify and advise. Thank you

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    Encompass Now: If you are doing a map that is less than 1 gigapixel of source imagery it is free to process (yay!). Since it is not a paid job it will have the Maps Made Easy Logo on it. If you wish to use it without our branding you need to use the Force Paid Points option in Step 2 of the uploader to make it use your points and remove the branding from the results.

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