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Flight Planning Walkthrough Video

Tudor -

This is a little outdated but explains the entire Flight Planning process.


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    Ezequiel Simirgiotis

    Hello, I need information to carry out a linear mission.
    Could you help me??. Thank you.

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    Yes. You could check out the Linear Flight planning article:

    You need to have at least the Pro level Maps Made Easy subscription to use this feature.

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    Ezequiel Simirgiotis

    Hi Zane, thanks for your reply.
    I have been a Map Pilot user since 2019 and I am writing to you from Argentina.
    I recently paid for an Upgrade from the APP to have those options.
    Now I need to make a flight to record the progress of a corridor in mountainous area, using the options of "Linear Planning and Terrain Awareness".
    Am I missing something to be able to use these options?


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