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Mission Management Walkthrough

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The beauty of the Map Pilot app is that you can create a mission before venturing into the field while your device has an internet connection, pack the data up, and take your device with you into the field where there is no data service. Map Pilot saves the flight planning information and a portable version of the basemap to use and reuse at the job site.

Creating a mission and saving it is covered here: Mission Estimates.

  1. From the Main Menu, select Manage Missions.
  2. View the saved missions and the date they were created.
  3. Tap and Hold any listed mission to edit its title.
  4. Use the standard iOS swipe left gesture to delete. Click the red Delete button to confirm deletion.
  5. Tap any listed mission to recall it with the settings that were used when it was created.
  6. Zoom out to see the limited amount of basemap that has been cached for offline use.
  7. Flying a saved mission operates the same way a normally created mission would. Connect, Upload, Start and off you go.

NOTE: The boundary markers are not movable on a saved mission. If you wish to create a new mission using the cached basemap, click the Trash Can icon to delete the current flight path. This doesn't delete the saved mission itself but just clears it so you can create a new mission as you normally would.


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  • Avatar
    Daniel Stonek

    So I need to create a new mission if I only want to change the basemap?

  • Avatar

    Sorry we missed this question. The mission management feature is mainly geared towards saving the basemap for offline use or doing the same mission more than once.

  • Avatar
    Riki Montaño

    how can i create a mission on google earth and export it? is it possible?

  • Avatar

    Please refer to the following link regarding the use of Google Earth for mission layout:

  • Avatar
    ren nickson

    I saved a mission and ran a simulator flight. I cancelled the simulation halfway through and want to fly the mission. The mission wants to start at the cancelled point but I want to start from the beginning. Do I need to redraw the same mission or can I restart from the beginning?

  • Avatar
    Michael Koontz

    Is there a way to sync saved missions across devices when connected to the internet? I'd like to load the same mission (and basemap) on two devices before I head out to the field without internet access so that I have a backup device should something go wrong with my primary device.

  • Avatar
    Christopher Cressy

    I am planning multiple missions in an area. The mission that I am editing shows as White lines. Other missions in the area show up as Yellow lines. The other missions add clutter. Is there a way to hide them?

  • Avatar
    Michael Koontz

    Yes! You can hide them by going to the Main Menu, going to Settings, and then turning off the "Show Nearby Cached Missions" option.

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